Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Qucik Pizza Dough

The girls and I love making pizza but as any busy mom knows sometimes it is a super pain to wait 2 hours then 2 more and then oh now you can make the pizza.

This recipe is done right away, no more yucky can pizza dough for the Stacy household on a busy day. This pizza is done before Pizza Hut can deliver!

1 tbsp. active dry yeast

1 cup of warm water (105-115 degrees F)

1 tsp. sugar

1 tsp. salt

2 tbsp. Vegetable oil ( I use Extra-Virgin Olive oil)

*Read: Teresa Guidice's cookbook on why I never use Veggie oil!! Eww.

2 1/2 cups of flour

Dissolve the yeast into the water. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix. Dump onto a floured surface and knead till smooth. That's about 5 mins. or so. Roll out and press down on a greased pizza pan. Add toppings. Bake at 450 degrees for 12-15 minutes!

So simple!

The pizza I made tonight, doesn't call for red sauce. I roll out my dough in pan. I then brush olive oil & fresh minced garlic on it. I pop it inside my oven, let it stay for 3 mins. Take it out and add a little more olive oil & garlic. Then add my toppings. Tonight, I used fresh mozzarella, Italian seasoning, bell pepper, sliced tomato, rosemary & pepperoni. Delish!

You can really use anything you want, mushrooms, zucchini, onion and more!

I use what I have that I know needs used. & it is a healthier version of an awesome pizza!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Entertaini​ng Trio for just $29 this month!

Wondering how this could be possible almost $350 worth in product for only $29.00! Let me tell you how!
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Remember, you can use this deal on any items! This is just an idea! Your home will be talked about with these beautiful entertaining pieces!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

NO fast food, for a month!

Starting today April 16, 2011 I will commit to NO fast food for a month. It becomes so easy to grab something to eat than to prepare for a meal. I want this habit to change. I don't want to raise my girls to think it's okay to pay $20.00 at a drive thru window for something so un-healthy. Being a pregnant mother with two toddlers this will be challenging. There are days where the kids are whiny, I am tired and I just don't even want to put thought into which fast food restaurant to grab something let alone make my own meal! That mind thought needs to change so I thought with making a reasonable goal for a month with no fast food would help me turn this no good habit, into a possible lifestyle change. I am the first to admit, I am not a huge fast food eater in the first place, but I do fall for the last minute meals!

By me posting this on my facebook and on my blog. I feel like I am more accountable to my actions, so friends if you see me out there eyeing the McDonald's sign! Scream "No!" I think every family could use a good challenge or two. So take a look at your bank account, add up all the totals that are fast food related and now imagine using that money for something else! Like a size smaller pair of jeans cause this no eating, greasy food on the go for a month has to help the hips as well!

Wish me luck and to those of you who are joining me with this, GOODLUCK! We can do it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I love my Job!

I wanted to share with you why I love my job selling Willow House! To start off I want to say that their products are absolutely amazing in quality. They truly sell themselves.

- Starting off you will make 20% of all sales. Once you enter $1,000 in sales you automatically become a qualified consultant and receive a raise of 5%! I qualified in one month!!

- You make your money the night of your show, no waiting on a check. You walk out the door with it in your pocket!

- You don't have to worry about spending your hard earned money on catalogs, order forms, etc. The company puts back 5% of your sales in a supply bank. You use that money to pay for them!!

- You do not have any inventory or delievery!

- Willow House provides awesome host & customer specials! You don't have to use any of your money to do so, unless you wish.

- Free workstation, credit card transactions and training!

- You can easily move up in the company which means more money, trips, etc!

- You make your own schedule. Book parties around your busy life! Make MONEY partying!!

If you are at all interested in this great opportunity, book a show with me in May. You will earn FREE products and much more. I will do your entire show then at the end sit down with you and show you how much you could be making! If you then decide to become a consultant, I will give you your show as your first show!! So you can make that night the money back from your kit!! No pressure, if you decide not to sign up then you are still earning all the great host benefits and having a great night with your family and friends!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You're having a WHAT!?


After much praying, talking and researching Corey and I have decided to hire a mid wife so we are able to have a home birth. Lord willing we will be having Lyla Elizabeth in July at home. I know some of friends are reading this and saying "way to GO"! While, other of you are saying "WTH is she thinking"?!

So here is why we decided on a home birth and ohhh how I wish I did with Mia! Well as most of you know Kerhia was an early bird and I had a medicated birth. Well honestly when I was shipped to Charleston, I dropped all plans of having a birth any way my way. I was now looking at the doctors saying do what you have to do to keep my baby safe! This is when I was VERY grateful for all the technology and doctors.

Well now let's get to Mia's birth. I was having contractions on and off non-stop. I eventually was like okay baby these need to stop you're getting out of there! So on April 8th I went to mother earth foods, drank a whole lot of tea, went on a mad woman exercise and then walked around the block! Yes, Finally!!! They're consistent! Off to hospital we go with our bags! We had a wonderful group of nurses at Camden Clark when we arrived. Once they made me lay down, things slowed down. Imagine that! So the nurse said walk the halls and squat. If you change after doing that you can stay! I paced the halls up and down! It worked and they kept me, but laid me back down. By this time it was late at night and the anesthesiologist was leaving. They used the fear method, if you don't get your epidural now. You probably won't get one at all. Nervous and not as educated as I am today said "okay". It was terrible, he couldn't get it in my back and had to drug me to do so. So let's just say I felt good and went to sleep. I slept on and off through most my laboring except when they would come in and say I needed another shot of pain medicine or needed this checked out. At this point let me remind you I am feeling loopy, clueless and tired. So I slept. Nurses would come in and out. The doctor stopped by to visit and check me. All of sudden he broke my water, not a word asked or anything. I felt that he should have asked, wasn't it my water he was breaking?? Eventually I fell back to sleep and kept remembering Corey trying to keep me up cause Mia's heart rate was deceling and I was not changing. I was so caught up under all the medicine I had no clue! No clue at all that my baby was struggling. This made me feel terrible, as mother I shouldn't be laying here fighting off drugs to wake up to know if my baby was okay. The doctor and nurses finally came in this is after a few shift changes. They said let's get you up on all fours and rocking. She needs to come on her own or we will take to a C-section. Something I was terrified of, I have never ever had any type of surgery. I didn't want that, that's not how God planned women to give birth. Right when I got up all fours, I could feel her move down, I was awake and she ready about 10 minutes of rocking and 10 minutes of pushing we welcomed Mia into this world. This was after 18 hours of laboring.

Again, as most of you know what happens after delivery is they rush the baby off. She needs this and that and that. Well guess what, I had a terrible time trying to breastfeed her. The first attempt at it and not much luck the nurse comes in with supplement bottles cause that's the way it works. Well guess what give a baby a bottle, she gets lazy. She was a terrible feeder. So I eventually gave up. Few months later we were up at Children's Hospital trying to find out why she wasn't keeping formula down, gaining weight, etc. This was only the beginning of the last year of troubles with Mia's health issues.

After meeting the mid wife today we knew this was the right route. We brought the girls with us, they played while we visited and when she listened to the baby both were there to hear. After she listened to the baby's heart rate she let Kerhia take my place to listen to her baby's heart rate in her tummy. There is just a bond there that you can not get with an hour wait at the doctors office. It was wonderful, she cared, she listened and she let us know this is our baby, our plan, our birth and she is just there to help!! I now know that when I give birth to Lyla that both my girls will be involved and bonding with us all right after. No waiting two days to bring her home and have my two girls at home wondering where I am. They need me, I need them and their sister needs them!

This is just a quick blog to explain our choice in home birth. Corey and I feel it is safe and we believe that God will guide us through this every step of the way. Not only will this birth be life changing for me but will be for Corey as well. I hope that all our family and friends join us in prayer as we prepare to welcome another little girl to our household!

Be ready for many more posts to follow!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hosting a Willow House Party in May

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