Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bring on 2010...

I have been doing a lot of thinking on what the year 2010 will bring to my family and I. What I do know is I will be a mother of two beautiful little girls, my husband will have his college degree completed, he will begin his search for a permanent job opportunity and location to move us too. So with all that in mind I know I need to set myself some goals that will help this New Year run smoothly!

1. A better Routine: I believe that I need to learn how to manage my time better. I can spend days planning on what needs to get done rather than getting the things done. Being a mother is by no means an easy job. The everyday worries could fill your agenda before you even notice the day is over. I believe if I can learn the ability of better time management it will not only help me have a productive year but as well help my children and husband.
2. A better budget: This one is going to be a hard one for me!! I am the type of person who if I see a pair of heels or an outfit I like, I buy it!! I don’t sit and think about the saving account or the bills while doing. I think about how good it’s going to look and make me feel! I won’t lie..I am very materialistic. So a goal this year is to do better with our money. To think to myself, my daughter doesn’t need any more clothes she has a closet full! Also, by doing this I think it will help relieve some stress.
3. To live a healthier lifestyle: With living in a generation where McDonald’s is 10x’s easier than a full cooked dinner, I think we need to focus more on our health. So as a goal I want to try to live a healthier lifestyle so I can teach my kids that having a balanced diet doesn’t only make you feel better but naturally look better as well.
4. To build a better religious foundation for my girls: I want them to grow up with a wonderful understanding on how important God, prayer, and church is to our lives. As a mother, we want to watch our children grow up with great morals and a balanced life. So I believe if I can try to better my religious beliefs not only for myself but them as well. It will teach them these principles in life that I want to watch them grow up with.
5. To overall be a better wife and mother: As a stay at home mother we sometimes get overwhelmed with responsibility that we really take our wonderful jobs for granted. Yes, there will be times where we want to just runaway and tell our husbands to do our job for just one week and let him see what all we have to do.. But I think I need to realize that if I wasn’t home cleaning, changing, feeding and watching that I would miss things that I will never forget. So I would like to try to appreciate my opportunity more each day!

So all I have to say is bring on the New Year because I am more than ready to see what is in store for our family!