Thursday, November 12, 2009

Look it's a VA-JAY-JAY!

We are having a GIRL! I had a feeling the whole time that we would find out that we are welcoming another beautiful princess into this world. Corey is still in denial that Mia is a Mia. It was so cute to when he said "Maybe, he has it tucked!" I thought I was going to die laughing. We are not disappointed at all that we are having another little girl. We are thrilled that things are going so well and that Kerhia will have a sister that will be so close in age. I can't wait till they are old enough to argue over clothes and all that fun stuff!
If you are wondering how Mia is pronounced, it's Me-UH. lol. I have been asked a million times already. I love picking names that people don't always know.
I had a visit at OSU today and my premature specialist said things could not look any better than they do now! I have had some cramping and they had me doing all kinds of crazy things and they believe I have a pulled muscle in my abdominal wall. Which is amazing, I can have as many pulled muscles God wants to give me as long as this pregnancy continues to be good!
Kerhia is able to say "baby" hopefully we can get her to say "Mia" soon! We are hoping that when the baby is born that we will have Kerhia in a toddler bed and have potty training introduced. I believe she will do just fine in a toddler bed but the potty training I believe is not going to easy. She has the I don't care attitude, she will walk around all night long with a dirty diaper if I would let her! Kerhia was in another pageant, a local one. She did really good. She earned 3rd runner up in this pageant.
I am so excited about the fact that I am going to have two beautiful little girls to raise. Play house, dress up and tea parties are going to be my future. The best future I could ask for!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our visit to OSU.

Due to my crazy pregnancies, my doctor decided to send me to OSU. To see a premature specialist to try to figure out all my crazy events. I did not get the best news in the world but the doctor seemed pretty confident that he would help me as much as possible to have a healthy, hopefully not premature baby. The doctor was wanting my cervix to measure a 30 and when he did the ultrasound scan the cervix measured a 27. Which is not too bad but enough to be alarmed that I am on my way to premature labor. He decided to put me on the progesterone shot that I have to have every week. I was on this shot when I was pregnant with Kain and it did not work. There is no guarantee that the shot will work this time as well. So with tons prayers we are hoping to get positive results.
I have to go up to OSU every Friday to see the doctor there for him to do an ultrasound of my cervix to keep a close eye on it. Which is going to be a struggle cause we have a very tight budget, so we are hoping that all that works out with prayers as well. If my cervix gets to a 20 or lower then I will have to get my cervix sewed. So this is process is going to be a wait and see kind of thing. The doctor also told me that he believes my body is prone to having premature children. With this information Corey and I have decided that this will probably be our last child. This is very hard for since before we had decided that we wanted at least 4...
The doctor at OSU was also able to answer some of my questions that were left unanswered about the death of Kain that helped me better understand. So as this pregnancy moves along we hope for positive outcomes and to have a healthy child that we can bring home and experience the crazy events of being a parent to two beautiful babies!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Stacy's Halloween.

Halloween is one of my favorite little holidays. The fact that you can get all dressed up and eat all the candy you want without getting yelled at always was fun for me! Well I was so excited for this Halloween. My little girls first time going trick a treating. Well in all but nice words this halloween SUCKED! Mr.h1n1 came to visit mommy, upper resp. infection came to visit daddy and croup and upper resp. infection visited little miss Kerhia! I was pretty sure trick a treating was out of the picture that week. Well Kerhia woke up feeling ALOT better so we decided to let the day playout and see how she does. Well she was doing wonderful. Walking around with her trick a treat basket like she knew what she was doing. TOO CUTE! So we decided she was well enough to hit a few houses on our street. She loved it!!
I can not wait for all the holidays to come, hopefully we have a sickness free home!