Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Stacy's Halloween.

Halloween is one of my favorite little holidays. The fact that you can get all dressed up and eat all the candy you want without getting yelled at always was fun for me! Well I was so excited for this Halloween. My little girls first time going trick a treating. Well in all but nice words this halloween SUCKED! Mr.h1n1 came to visit mommy, upper resp. infection came to visit daddy and croup and upper resp. infection visited little miss Kerhia! I was pretty sure trick a treating was out of the picture that week. Well Kerhia woke up feeling ALOT better so we decided to let the day playout and see how she does. Well she was doing wonderful. Walking around with her trick a treat basket like she knew what she was doing. TOO CUTE! So we decided she was well enough to hit a few houses on our street. She loved it!!
I can not wait for all the holidays to come, hopefully we have a sickness free home!

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