Monday, November 9, 2009

Our visit to OSU.

Due to my crazy pregnancies, my doctor decided to send me to OSU. To see a premature specialist to try to figure out all my crazy events. I did not get the best news in the world but the doctor seemed pretty confident that he would help me as much as possible to have a healthy, hopefully not premature baby. The doctor was wanting my cervix to measure a 30 and when he did the ultrasound scan the cervix measured a 27. Which is not too bad but enough to be alarmed that I am on my way to premature labor. He decided to put me on the progesterone shot that I have to have every week. I was on this shot when I was pregnant with Kain and it did not work. There is no guarantee that the shot will work this time as well. So with tons prayers we are hoping to get positive results.
I have to go up to OSU every Friday to see the doctor there for him to do an ultrasound of my cervix to keep a close eye on it. Which is going to be a struggle cause we have a very tight budget, so we are hoping that all that works out with prayers as well. If my cervix gets to a 20 or lower then I will have to get my cervix sewed. So this is process is going to be a wait and see kind of thing. The doctor also told me that he believes my body is prone to having premature children. With this information Corey and I have decided that this will probably be our last child. This is very hard for since before we had decided that we wanted at least 4...
The doctor at OSU was also able to answer some of my questions that were left unanswered about the death of Kain that helped me better understand. So as this pregnancy moves along we hope for positive outcomes and to have a healthy child that we can bring home and experience the crazy events of being a parent to two beautiful babies!

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