Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can I please?!

Corey and I have not had a disagreement in the raising of our children, except the fact I would love to home school and he would love for me not too. He is set in his way on this. As a wife I am suppose to follow my husband's direction and if he believes that this is what is right, then he is right. Why is that easier to type than to do! haha!
I have gave a lot of thought to why I want to do this. I believe the school system that is provided to our children is not like it use to be. I believe that many teachers are not doing their part to teach our children to live in this world. I hear of so many college students dropping out because their high school did not prepare them for the college life. I took a college class my junior year in high school and realized I had a lot of learning to do. I did not even know how to write a proper research paper. Do not take me wrong I did have some great teachers. I just feel that classrooms are not organized anymore. The things we see in school are not fair to those students who are there to learn and to better their lives. Yes, I was not a perfect student and slipped into a lot of peer pressure but that is what taught me to be the person I am today. I remember sitting at lunch eating and studying for my next test and a kid OD'ing right in front of my eyes! I am sorry I do not want my daughter to see that! I guess only time will tell if me and Corey can come to an agreement. I am hoping he will give me at least one year to prove to him that I can do it and the children enjoy it.
Kerhia and I are working on her crayon and paper action. I am trying to teach her how to scribble on a piece of paper. She is doing a good job. She is still in the oral stage so thank goodness for non-toxic crayons! She is also a little behind on her listening. Honestly, I don't think she is. I think she IGNORES! I am putting objects in front of her to teach her what they are and to get them when I say without pointing at it. This is not working so well yet. Tomorrow is another learning day. I am skipping days so I don't feel like I am pressuring her to learn at age one. We have an eventful day tomorrow. Kerhia gets to attend another birthday party which she LOVED. She is such a social butterfly. I would love to get a group of mom's together maybe once a week to have that interaction for her. Then that gives us interaction. I decided on throwing Kerhia a Halloween party for her little friends this year. I think it would be adorable to see all them running around dressed up! Life is too short too not have fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Already teaching.

  Every morning that I go and wake my beautiful little girl, I realize I do the same thing everyday. We stop by the mirror for her to look at herself and I say "Look at that beautiful baby in there" and she never fails to kiss herself.  Why do I do this? I want her to know she is naturally beautiful. She was born that way. Personally, I don't have this belief. If a plastic surgeon came up to me and said I will do my service for you what would you like my list would go on. 1). My legs lipo! 2). Tummy tuck! 3). Lets put those ta-ta's back 4). I think... So list would keep going. I don't want her to feel this way. I always have. My body style I change sizes like there is no tomorrow and yes, I hate it! I can be a six for a little then into an eight in no time! Why is it that I can't teach myself what I want to teach my daughter.. This world of cover magazines has made me so naive. I want money money so I can buy that Armani dress but I need surgery first so I can get my Armani dress in a size four, please?
  So that is my goal, as I am starting to gain weight with this pregnancy to speak positive on myself so my daughter grows up hearing it and not the other. Our girls need this, I needed this.

 We got a call from the doctor's office yesterday. They made us an appointment at OSU to see a high risk specialist there to study my case. I can honestly say, I am a nervous wreck. I asked why they were sending me there and they simply said to make sure that the doctor is doing what he should be doing. I have a crazy case and he would like a second opinion. Which shows that he is a GOOD doctor. I was worried that he wasn't paying enough attention to my case but now I see that he is. Thank God for that!
 So on October 30th. We will be headed to OSU to hopefully hear only more good news! We have another appointment before then to see the doctor and to receive another ultrasound! So that will be nice to see my little peanut again. I just can keep praying that everything is safe and that in April Kerhia will be a BIG sister to a Mia or Christian.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank You.. Fall.

When it seemed like life was impossible and nothing good could take place, it did. As fall is arriving and the growth of this year is dieing. I realized that maybe good is coming.
Events take place for a reason, a reason that may not be known or maybe known. As I realize that God made this year tough for me, it made me closer to him, my child, my husband and my mind. I have discovered more of myself than I ever have. The good, the bad and things that I was too ashamed to see. I have learned that giving up is not the key to success but the key to no where. I believe that I am only human who can learn. I learned what it felt to love a child, to love a man, to love myself and experience death. I am thankful for what God is shaping me to be.

We are so happy that God has blessed us with another child. Having children is such an honor. To be able to give the love that you as a mother as to child is like no other. I love being a mother. I pray daily that either Mia Alexandria or Christian Alexander will grow and be a healthy newborn that I will get to hold. Well here is the update on our new bundle of joy. The due date is now calculating to April 27Th, everything looks healthy in the ultrasound. I switched doctors because my doctor before I believe did not take my case very serious. So far, I am sketchy on the new doctor. Yes, he seems like a wonderful one but he didn't seem as worried as I am. Everyone tells me to not dislike him on this note, he isn't worried because there is nothing to worry about. This pregnancy is different and I am healthy. So as this blog begins the story of a mother of a toddler and pregnant I will keep you updated. Corey believes it is a boy and I say girl. I honestly would not mind having a boy...
My dad wasn't having a very good day yesterday my mom told me. I am so worried for him. With this chance that he has cancer it really breaks my heart. I am not ready for this. My dad is too young and I still need his guidance even though I am moved out and married. I am truly glad that he was good enough health to walk me down the aisle. That is one memory of my father I know I will never forget. He goes back this weekend to get another bone marrow. I am praying that all of this is related to the spleen and they can remove it.