Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can I please?!

Corey and I have not had a disagreement in the raising of our children, except the fact I would love to home school and he would love for me not too. He is set in his way on this. As a wife I am suppose to follow my husband's direction and if he believes that this is what is right, then he is right. Why is that easier to type than to do! haha!
I have gave a lot of thought to why I want to do this. I believe the school system that is provided to our children is not like it use to be. I believe that many teachers are not doing their part to teach our children to live in this world. I hear of so many college students dropping out because their high school did not prepare them for the college life. I took a college class my junior year in high school and realized I had a lot of learning to do. I did not even know how to write a proper research paper. Do not take me wrong I did have some great teachers. I just feel that classrooms are not organized anymore. The things we see in school are not fair to those students who are there to learn and to better their lives. Yes, I was not a perfect student and slipped into a lot of peer pressure but that is what taught me to be the person I am today. I remember sitting at lunch eating and studying for my next test and a kid OD'ing right in front of my eyes! I am sorry I do not want my daughter to see that! I guess only time will tell if me and Corey can come to an agreement. I am hoping he will give me at least one year to prove to him that I can do it and the children enjoy it.
Kerhia and I are working on her crayon and paper action. I am trying to teach her how to scribble on a piece of paper. She is doing a good job. She is still in the oral stage so thank goodness for non-toxic crayons! She is also a little behind on her listening. Honestly, I don't think she is. I think she IGNORES! I am putting objects in front of her to teach her what they are and to get them when I say without pointing at it. This is not working so well yet. Tomorrow is another learning day. I am skipping days so I don't feel like I am pressuring her to learn at age one. We have an eventful day tomorrow. Kerhia gets to attend another birthday party which she LOVED. She is such a social butterfly. I would love to get a group of mom's together maybe once a week to have that interaction for her. Then that gives us interaction. I decided on throwing Kerhia a Halloween party for her little friends this year. I think it would be adorable to see all them running around dressed up! Life is too short too not have fun!

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  1. Ah, the homeschool question. So many factors, so many opinions! I think it totally depends on the school system where you are and your reasonings for wanting to do it.

    The social aspects. You should check into the mom's club there. It is a great group! I was in the one there and they brought meals for two weeks after I had Chloe! They are awesome. If you're interested, I know some people that I can connect you up with so you can talk to some of them ahead of time.