Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Already teaching.

  Every morning that I go and wake my beautiful little girl, I realize I do the same thing everyday. We stop by the mirror for her to look at herself and I say "Look at that beautiful baby in there" and she never fails to kiss herself.  Why do I do this? I want her to know she is naturally beautiful. She was born that way. Personally, I don't have this belief. If a plastic surgeon came up to me and said I will do my service for you what would you like my list would go on. 1). My legs lipo! 2). Tummy tuck! 3). Lets put those ta-ta's back 4). I think... So list would keep going. I don't want her to feel this way. I always have. My body style I change sizes like there is no tomorrow and yes, I hate it! I can be a six for a little then into an eight in no time! Why is it that I can't teach myself what I want to teach my daughter.. This world of cover magazines has made me so naive. I want money money so I can buy that Armani dress but I need surgery first so I can get my Armani dress in a size four, please?
  So that is my goal, as I am starting to gain weight with this pregnancy to speak positive on myself so my daughter grows up hearing it and not the other. Our girls need this, I needed this.

 We got a call from the doctor's office yesterday. They made us an appointment at OSU to see a high risk specialist there to study my case. I can honestly say, I am a nervous wreck. I asked why they were sending me there and they simply said to make sure that the doctor is doing what he should be doing. I have a crazy case and he would like a second opinion. Which shows that he is a GOOD doctor. I was worried that he wasn't paying enough attention to my case but now I see that he is. Thank God for that!
 So on October 30th. We will be headed to OSU to hopefully hear only more good news! We have another appointment before then to see the doctor and to receive another ultrasound! So that will be nice to see my little peanut again. I just can keep praying that everything is safe and that in April Kerhia will be a BIG sister to a Mia or Christian.

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  1. hey! This is Toni... lol off myspace... that sounds soo funny! if you don't mind my asking why do you have to go to a high risk specialist? is it just a precaution? oh i hope so.