Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank You.. Fall.

When it seemed like life was impossible and nothing good could take place, it did. As fall is arriving and the growth of this year is dieing. I realized that maybe good is coming.
Events take place for a reason, a reason that may not be known or maybe known. As I realize that God made this year tough for me, it made me closer to him, my child, my husband and my mind. I have discovered more of myself than I ever have. The good, the bad and things that I was too ashamed to see. I have learned that giving up is not the key to success but the key to no where. I believe that I am only human who can learn. I learned what it felt to love a child, to love a man, to love myself and experience death. I am thankful for what God is shaping me to be.

We are so happy that God has blessed us with another child. Having children is such an honor. To be able to give the love that you as a mother as to child is like no other. I love being a mother. I pray daily that either Mia Alexandria or Christian Alexander will grow and be a healthy newborn that I will get to hold. Well here is the update on our new bundle of joy. The due date is now calculating to April 27Th, everything looks healthy in the ultrasound. I switched doctors because my doctor before I believe did not take my case very serious. So far, I am sketchy on the new doctor. Yes, he seems like a wonderful one but he didn't seem as worried as I am. Everyone tells me to not dislike him on this note, he isn't worried because there is nothing to worry about. This pregnancy is different and I am healthy. So as this blog begins the story of a mother of a toddler and pregnant I will keep you updated. Corey believes it is a boy and I say girl. I honestly would not mind having a boy...
My dad wasn't having a very good day yesterday my mom told me. I am so worried for him. With this chance that he has cancer it really breaks my heart. I am not ready for this. My dad is too young and I still need his guidance even though I am moved out and married. I am truly glad that he was good enough health to walk me down the aisle. That is one memory of my father I know I will never forget. He goes back this weekend to get another bone marrow. I am praying that all of this is related to the spleen and they can remove it.

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