Thursday, October 15, 2009

So what is your job?..


So you don't have a job is the question I always get after telling someone that I am a SAHM. Well the answer is yes, I am a mother who stays at home cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleans the house, pay the bills, grocery shop, cut out coupons, raise my kids, do the laundry, and have FUN!

When a child is born their brain is not developed and they learn from their environment in which they are being raised in. In the first five years of a child's life their brain develops more than it ever will in their entire life. So why is it we feel like we should put our child in a daycare? I am at no means criticizing another parents beliefs but I don't fully grasp on why you would not want to do the raising and teaching of your own children?

As a SAHM in this economy I know it is not easy and I understand the struggle. My husband is in college to further his degree so that I can keep my job as a SAHM. We do struggle. We cut out coupons to use at the store, we don't get to see the new movie coming out and we shop in the clearance section. Is the extra money that more important? Think about the monthly daycare bill. That can pay the couple bills that your income covers. Being a SAHM is something I can guarantee your children won't forget. I came from a working mother. That is what made my decision to be a SAHM. I want to be able to talk to my kids about school when they get home and hear about their day. Alot of people seem to think a SAHM is a lazy mom, which is not true one bit. We are moms who have no time for our self other than nap time and bedtime. We work hard to raise our children to be well rounded individuals. I love my JOB, YES IT IS A JOB. THE BEST PAYING JOB, I AM PAID WITH LOVE!

Don't take this blog as rude. I just think SAHM's deserve some credit. I am PROUD to be a SAHM and just wanted to share!

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