Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Is The What?

Is a great book to read. I really stepped out my usual book reading comfort zone but I am glad I did with this book! It is a long read and it seems like it takes forever to get through the book but the reasoning is because of hows much useful information he puts in there for you to soak up! There is defiantly not a wasted paragraph in the book! Not only did it feel like the whole time while I was reading the book that was learning alot of history that I had maybe not fully understood about the middle east but it really gave me a bigger insight on what their life was like to really have a deeper understanding of all the uproar that is currently going on over there now. One thing that really struck out to me is how innocent many of these people were. There is a part in the book when he was speaking on his childhood and how his village was being attacked. As a little boy they had no clue what was about to happen but were so thrilled to see airplanes in the sky because that was not a normal occurrence. I think of young boys here who are amazed with planes, jets and tanker trucks which will never strike harm on them. Instead over there they didn't realize what they were so excited to see was about to kill them, their family and their friends. It was heart breaking! I suggest this book to anyone who is looking for a deep read, it was truly a great book to sit down and read. Not only did I enjoy reading but after I had a different compassion and outlook on the history of the middle east and not only that but for how history is repeating itself currently over there.

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