Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mom Connection

 Why we need rhythm in our lives. As a mom we sometimes forget that there was ever a rhythm. We can however give you the rhythm to the new fresh beat band song we have stuck in our head for hours. Why is it so hard for us to find our own?

 This book was at first lost in snail mail, then found and made it to the sunshine state of Florida about a month later! Never thought the thing would ever arrive. I jumped with joy for another book to read when my husband brought it in from the mail box. (I'm such a junkie for self help books.) Well the mom life put my book reading on a hold. Finally, I said enough is enough! I am glad that I took a little time to dive into this book after all this time cause God knew I needed to read it when I did. What a blessing!
P.S. Isn't it a wonderful thing that he gives us what we need when we need it?!

 I truly enjoyed this book! Mom connection is an encouraging book for any mother! Tracey Bianchi does a great job at sharing her stories of motherhood to  make you not feel alone. Her stories can be filled with laughter, understanding and even disbelief. In the 12 chapters she really hits all the seasons of our life. The relationships with everyone we come in contact with each everyday. The people who make our life and our family. She even puts a big focus on that person we always seem to forget about... our self! If you're a fresh new mom or the "old"  mom she gives some great tips on how we can establish wonderful friendships through the crying, cheerio throwing and pile of laundry mess. It's okay to slow down and cherish those moments with our kids, husband, family and friends.
  I know, I know! I am guilty if my house is a mess cause my daughter dropped her cereal bowl off the table, the baby pooped out the diaper, my husband didn't pick his shoes up and all I want is a girlfriend to come over to drink cold coffee with while her kids distract mine for a minute.. I won't call her to come over. I over analyze what she is going to think about this chaos we live in. To actually let her see my kids without the bows and smiles! Yet it's sometimes all this lonely mom heart desires!  After reading this motivating book, it helped me realize I can do this. To lighten up and let in those relationships I am missing out on because there might be a dirty sock on my floor or my house might not have the finest china like Susie's! It's okay at the end of the day, they'll step over the sock or even pick it up for me.
A quote from her book that I will now add to many favorites "I will never, nor should I ever, try to spin another person's hoop; that I'm doing the very best work I know how to each day...".

 I was given the opportunity through MOPS international to read their book for this years theme. Mom Connection; creating vibrant relationships in the midst of motherhood by Tracey Bianchi. I was given two copies of this great book. I am thankful that God put this book in my hands when he did. So.. if you want a copy for yourself to read, share this review on your blog, facebook, twitter or whatever else is out there these day to have chance to get a free copy! Please comment on this blog post with your first and last name after sharing!

*What is MOPS?.. MOPS is community of moms just like you! Supporting moms through pregnancy to kindergarten. I am a member of the Suntree-Viera MOPS that meets at Suntree United Methodist. If you have any questions about how you can find a group to join, visit or feel free to email me!*

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