Friday, August 13, 2010

New York, New York!

I love New York City! I love theatre, fashion and culture. You find this all when visiting the big apple. We took a family vacation and this was our first stop. We stayed in a very old hotel which has such an awesome contemporary style to it as well. It was only a block from time square and was located in the theatre district. This was Corey's first time ever to NYC. He drove into fearless and didn't believe the "stories" of how crazy busy it is! Lets just say he was surprised.
Our first day there we went to an amazing restaurant "Babbo's" There is such a difference in real Italian food compared to Olive garden. It was delish! If you ever in NYC, I highly recommend this restaurant! It very simple and elegant. Just a small location with a beautiful curtain when you walked into the door.
Our second day there we were able to catch the ferry over to the statue of liberty. I have always wanted to see it. It was such a beautiful island. We toured the inside of the statue and climbed up her to see how beautiful NYC looked. It was so breath taking! They have a small museum at the bottom where they have all the facts about it which was very interesting. After done touring we just stayed on the island for a little and relaxed under the shade tree and let Kerhia run around. It was very relaxing and enjoyable!
You would think that we came to NYC to only eat.. well we kinda did. We had dinner at the "The Maze" Gordon Ramsey's restaurant. Yes, the mean guy from Hell's Kitchen. Another amazing meal. We ordered the chef's pick for the night which is a five course meal. I can't even explain how good it was! Kerhia enjoyed her butter noodles and we enjoyed amazing gourmet food.
On the third day we spent the day shopping. Who goes to NYC without a full day to shop! We also got to do something very special with the girls. We took them to American girl to purchase their first American Dolls! Not only did we do that but we had the dinner with your dolls. I seen it on "Jon & Kate plus eight" when they were a thing still.. So sad! But anyways, I saw it on there and promised I would take the girls one day! It was such a fun experience. Even at age one Kerhia enjoyed it! They made it so.. GIRLY! They had hair bows to take home as napkin rings and of course they brought out tea for your doll to enjoy as well. I will for sure be taking the girls again when they get older.
That was such a fun trip weekend in New York City. P.S. don't even try the subway. We did and lets just say we walked right out and got a taxi! (haha)
Corey says he will never go back because of how busy it was.. but I know that won't happen cause I can't wait to return to visit!

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