Friday, August 13, 2010

Wait, is it actually quite!

Hello everyone! Your long lost friend is back. Yes, four months later! I finally got the girls on the exact same sleeping pattern! They nap and go to bed at night together. Yippee!

So much has happened. We of course had Mia in April, we moved into a new home in Vienna at the end of May, we were vacationing from the end of June-July and now it's almost the middle of August! Woooah! Goal for fall is slow down. I want to just enjoy this fall/winter.

Here is the family update..

Mia is doing wonderful! She is now four months old and weighs 12lbs. She is such a happy baby always cooing and smiling. It is amazing to see her face light up when Kerhia sits to play with her... well really Kerhia gets in her face and yells but Mia loves it! We had a little scare because she is having problems with her bowel movements and they are going to run some test just to make sure that there is nothing wrong. Which I am so grateful that her pedi cares enough to look even though it doesn't seem to be affecting her weight gain or health. I think she has some allergies going which isn't to surprising when we live in "pollution city", but please continue to keep her little behind in your thoughts! (haha)

Kerhia Ann Stacy... oh where do I begin! She is such a joy! She has such a little personalty that you can tell she will never know a stranger and I love that about her. Can you believe she will be two in two months! I know everyone says "It feels like yesterday I was having her". Well it does! She is such a healthy little girl. When we moved to West Virginia I had to start birth-three which is a program where they come in and make sure that your kid is up to date on their learning if they have a reason to be watched. She has had someone coming in since she was such a little early bird. They did a speech eval and she qualified to have a speech therapist. I am so excited to start Monday working with her. Kerhia has a very small vocabulary of words but she can sign like crazy! I honestly believe with a little pushing she will be talking in no time and not shutting up! (haha) For goodness sakes she can't say many words but she will say "Spongebob". I think she is holding it all in to surprise us all one day! She also will have an OT come out to eval her for a sensory delay on Monday as well. That is a whole different blog post that I will do!

Corey Dene.. where to begin.. Yes, you all know that his little handsome self crossed the stage at OVU to graduate with a B.A. in Business! Well April fools to us.... we came to find out that he didn't. He still needs 3 more semesters of school! I know, I know.. I want to cry! He will be going back to school this fall! Wish him luck. Other than that he is doing great!

ohhh... me... let's see. I just basically told you my life! Well I am now on the board of MOMS club and I am having such a fun time! I love having the chance to meet such great mothers.

Be prepared for many more posts to come to catch up with things.

Yes, I am back!


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  1. yay! So glad you're back so I can check in on your beautiful family and that new little one!