Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daddy was MAD!

Mothers' know when we take our kids to the park or a playdate that there is a chance that someone is gonna get hurt, cry, hurt someone or just ruin the trip. Of course, our kids are never bad and would not hurt another kid, Right! Well Corey doesn't take Kerhia places often with his schedule.
 Yesterday, we took Kerhia to the famous MOV hotdog in the mall. There was another kid there I'm guessing about 2 1/2 years old. He continued to follow Kerhia and just playing like a boy does. It was clear as day that there was a lack in parenting. You expect that when going somewhere, it's sadly becoming the normal child. There is going to be a kid that has parents that don't have the same parenting structure you do and you can not avoid it.
 Kerhia began to follow him cause he was showing her attention and she thought he wanted to play. Well the little boy turned around a full forced pushed Kerhia down. As a mother of course I run to Kerhia see if she is okay and then take her to the other side to go play. I leave it at that, the mother did come get the boy and put him in time out. I didn't have to approach her for the benefit of my sanity. My husband was furious! I am talking about steaming mad!!  What is it that makes mothers and fathers different in that situation??

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