Friday, March 5, 2010

Must "haves" for a newborn.

Here are a few things that I think are a must have now for newborns that aren't on the lists when you google. I would love to have feedback on this post on what you think is a must have in your household. With Mia's arrival approaching soon I want to make sure I am prepared to be a mother of two beautiful little girls.

1. Bobby pillow: is a horseshoe shaped pillow that has multi-purposes from birth to about the age of one. It is great for nursing so that it is relief on a mother's back and arms. You can also lay the baby on his or her stomach to give them time to work on holding their head up and work the muscles needed. It is machine washable and dryable! Tons of slipcovers to pick from as well to change up the style.

2. Hooter Hider: For nursing mothers this a great solution! No more worries about the blanket falling while breast feeding and everyone seeing what you were trying so hard to cover. They come in all kinds of different designs and don't look like a big bulky cover up. It is made with a light-weight material so overheating for the infant and you are not a concern. You can also use the light- weight hooter hider for a blanket or sun cover up when needed.

3. The baby sling: Is used from newborn-toddler aged children. No worries about buckles or any loops. It is all material, so then again you have so many beautiful patterns to choose from. Easy way of getting a baby in and out. Helps support weight of a child to help mothers carry with out back and arm strain. Has ways of keeping a newborn close to the body so that they still have the snug feeling as before. Easy to move around while shopping instead of pushing a stroller through aisles.
4. Mommy hook: With all the bags you have to carry after having children it is a complete pain trying to get your purse, diaper bag and shopping bags in and our without dropping something. With the mommy hook you can hook your bags onto it and easily snap on to the stroller. When getting back into the car you unsnap the hook and all bags stay on hook for easy carrying into the house.
5. Crib rail protectors: We bought the 3 in 1 crib for Kerhia and thought that was the best idea ever. Except we did not know Kerhia would eventually become a little beaver and chew the rail of her crib like crazy. So now the rail of her crib which will one day be the foot board of her bed is now a chewed up mess! So with Mia we invested in a teething cover for the crib.

These baby items make my top 5 list. What do you think is a must have newborn item in your home?

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