Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I love my Job!

I wanted to share with you why I love my job selling Willow House! To start off I want to say that their products are absolutely amazing in quality. They truly sell themselves.

- Starting off you will make 20% of all sales. Once you enter $1,000 in sales you automatically become a qualified consultant and receive a raise of 5%! I qualified in one month!!

- You make your money the night of your show, no waiting on a check. You walk out the door with it in your pocket!

- You don't have to worry about spending your hard earned money on catalogs, order forms, etc. The company puts back 5% of your sales in a supply bank. You use that money to pay for them!!

- You do not have any inventory or delievery!

- Willow House provides awesome host & customer specials! You don't have to use any of your money to do so, unless you wish.

- Free workstation, credit card transactions and training!

- You can easily move up in the company which means more money, trips, etc!

- You make your own schedule. Book parties around your busy life! Make MONEY partying!!

If you are at all interested in this great opportunity, book a show with me in May. You will earn FREE products and much more. I will do your entire show then at the end sit down with you and show you how much you could be making! If you then decide to become a consultant, I will give you your show as your first show!! So you can make that night the money back from your kit!! No pressure, if you decide not to sign up then you are still earning all the great host benefits and having a great night with your family and friends!

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