Saturday, April 16, 2011

NO fast food, for a month!

Starting today April 16, 2011 I will commit to NO fast food for a month. It becomes so easy to grab something to eat than to prepare for a meal. I want this habit to change. I don't want to raise my girls to think it's okay to pay $20.00 at a drive thru window for something so un-healthy. Being a pregnant mother with two toddlers this will be challenging. There are days where the kids are whiny, I am tired and I just don't even want to put thought into which fast food restaurant to grab something let alone make my own meal! That mind thought needs to change so I thought with making a reasonable goal for a month with no fast food would help me turn this no good habit, into a possible lifestyle change. I am the first to admit, I am not a huge fast food eater in the first place, but I do fall for the last minute meals!

By me posting this on my facebook and on my blog. I feel like I am more accountable to my actions, so friends if you see me out there eyeing the McDonald's sign! Scream "No!" I think every family could use a good challenge or two. So take a look at your bank account, add up all the totals that are fast food related and now imagine using that money for something else! Like a size smaller pair of jeans cause this no eating, greasy food on the go for a month has to help the hips as well!

Wish me luck and to those of you who are joining me with this, GOODLUCK! We can do it!

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