Friday, May 20, 2011

Why you want to be a Willow House Gal!

The top three questions that are coming to your mind is...

1) Can I do this? YES

2) How can I do this? ANYONE CAN!

3) Can I make money? DEFINITELY

Now that you know you can do this business just like I can. Here are 10 reasons why Willow House is the home-based business for you!

1). We're the only multi-divisional company there is - giving you the opportunity to double your income. Our Jewelry line will be making it's launch soon!!
2). We're paid the night of our parties
3). We earn Business supply credits to pay for our catalogs, order forms, etc
4). We are a non-inventory business - we never have to guess what our customers might like and store it.
5). We have a generous compensation plan. For 3 1/2 hr work with an average party we make between $125 - $150 (we've been told that is going to increase!)
6). Willow House processes our Credit cards - we never have any fees for processing
7). Willow House offers on going free training
8). Willow House offers incentives -whether you just want to earn extra gas money or fabulous trips!
9). We have a community e-commerce business. - we share styling and decorating techniques and can collect out of state orders
10). We own our own businesses! -we can will it, sell it, or hire it done!

You can join today for our mini-kit which is ONLY $49.00 with over $200.00 in product, we still are offering our big kit for $199.00 that has over $550.00 in product! Then we will give you 30 days after your kit ships to order ANYTHING in the catalog for 50% off!!

The opportunities are ENDLESS with Willow House

Call me today to join our team, (321) 537-8335

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