Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lyla's Home Birth Plan

After much praying and discussion, Corey and I decided to have a natural homebirth. We decided that hiring Delphine as our midwife and Holly as the birth assistant best fit our needs. We both have completed the Bradley Method of natural childbirth with Holly as our instructor. We are praying that this will be a smooth, life changing experience for not only Corey and I but for Kerhia, Mia and unborn Lyla. By deciding to stay home to give birth we want to remain at all times comfortable, relaxed and as a family unit. Our intentions are to have a peaceful, relaxed at home water birth with the guidance of God and his plan of how he naturally designed my body to give birth.

• My wish is to move around the inside and outside of our home or in and out of the birthing pool
• Unless medically necessary I do not want any internal exams, if need be please do not tell me my dilatation at the time of the exam
• I would appreciate all suggestions on positions and such to help ease the pain or move things along naturally if the labor is not progressing well for some reason
• I want to have candles lit, light music playing and to be in a calm relaxed environment
• I wish to eat or drink when I desire
• I wish to be able to use any herbal remedies, homeopathy, or aromatherapy if desired

Birth Companions
• My husband Corey is to remain with me at all times
• Kerhia and Mia are to be at home at all times unless it causes fear or anxiety for me or them
• My mother Sanya is to attend and give her direct guidance to the needs of Kerhia and Mia. If in a situation where the children cannot handle the environment ,to then take them to her home
• My mother in law Elizabeth is to attend and give her attention to all the needs of me, Corey, Delphine and Holly by assisting with anything that needs done or taken care of
• We do have plans for Diana Wilson to attend to capture the moments with her photography

The Birth
• My desire is to have a water birth
• Corey is to be the one to catch the baby during delivery unless there is an emergency where Delphine will need to do so
• I would like to avoid perineal damage by all means, I am trying to avoid stitches if possible

• I want to be assisted from the birthing tub with baby on chest onto the area I desire to lay
• I want the baby placed immediately on my chest and not removed until she has accomplished the breast crawl
• We would like the the cord to stop pulsating before Corey is asked to cut it
• We do intend on keeping the placenta for Holly to do capsuling
• I do want a rhogam shot

Care for the baby
• To participate in the breast crawl before taking away from chest for any reason unless needed for medical reasons
• Colostrum in the eyes
• We do not want a Vitamin K shot to be given
• No visitors until she is feed, examined and dressed other than of those listed above

Thank you for respecting the wants of Corey and I for the birth of Lyla Elizabeth Stacy.

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