Friday, July 29, 2011

Lyla Elizabeth Daiana Stacy's Birth Story

Finally, I had reached a pregnancy where everything was normal and right. I achieved the experience of being an overdue momma who just could not wait to fit in more than one outfit in the middle of July. Emotions of fear, happiness, readiness and exhaustion. This was my first REAL pregnancy. I didn’t have early labor, no premature delivery or anything! My body did what it was supposed to do and I experienced an emotion I had never felt before “belief in my body”! A woman really does not know what she is capable of until she carries a child and gives birth.

On Monday July 25th, I spent the day cleaning, packing and crying! I went through every emotion that day. I was angry for it had been a complete month since my father passed, I was two days “overdue” and my mother in law who was helping me pack for our move, packed all my food!! You can honestly say I was an emotional mess! I went through the day in the mood of “Don’t speak to me unless you’re spoken too.” Finally, the sun went down and the girls were in bed. Corey and I for once this week had some actual time to sit down and talk. We had a nice night while he worked on his class work and I sat going through old magazines cutting out recipes that I have a desire to make one day. We had a moment where we could just relax, talk, and spend some calm time together. We talked about what we wanted out of our experience of having a natural at home birth!

I climbed into bed knowing I had a morning of rushing around cause I had to be in Athens for a midwife appointment. I laid there thinking about how ready I was to welcome Lyla into this world, I can say I am SICK of being pregnant!! I was in deep sleep until I woke wide-awake at 3:18 a.m. thinking,“ouch, that contraction kinda hurt!” Fell back to sleep to only wake right before my alarm at 6:00 a.m. and I woke with a sure feeling today is the day. I woke Corey to tell him to get up and help me get things going cause I am having the baby. Without questioning me he got out of bed, we started a load of laundry, and I then realized my contractions were two-three minutes apart. I went to the restroom to only find a large amount of bloody show! I called Delphine and Holly to let them know that I was in labor. When getting into the bath to get all cleaned up my water broke. We let both our moms know and they arrived to our house quickly to help with Kerhia and Mia. We continued our morning routine while setting up the birthing tub and working with each contraction.
We decided to send our moms off to play with the girls. We wanted them to get out of the house a little bit and not worry with me trying to labor. They had a wonderful time out playing and came back home to mommy still laboring. They both went upstairs to nap just like every other day. Everyone relaxed around the house anticipating Lyla’s arrival.
I continued to labor in the pool which seemed to be the only relief from the contraction pain. They were very strong and tiring. I became very tired and just wanted the pain to stop. I begged for something STRONG!! Knowing not only was I not going to get something cause I am at home, but if I went into the hospital they would laugh and say you are way too far for anything. I was determined to express my desire for a “PAIN KILLLER”. Delphine then tells me to get out the pool I am not progressing in there and she wants me to try to go to the restroom. All I truly wanted to tell her is “NO” I am not moving, I don’t want do anything and I want this pain to stop.

Corey and I then walk up to the bathroom. Within minutes I remember yelling “oh sh*t” she is coming. Not being one too curse much, I knew I was ready. Delphine and Holly run upstairs to help. I then stand in the bathroom and push with each urge. Corey was underneath to be the first one to assist with catching Lyla. My mother, Delphine and Holly helping me as I stand there delivering my third little girl. As I continued the pushing process, I can remember how wonderful it felt! With only a few strong pushes Lyla was born into the arms of her father at 3:06 p.m. in the bathroom of our house. We did it! That is all I could think about! We accomplished a natural home birth! Elizabeth then walked the girls in to see their sister. It was absolute breath taking when Mia realized what had all happened. Thinking she was too young to have an idea, I hear her sweet little voice yelling “Lyla”.

The experience of having such a powerful birth was amazing! Having previous medicated hospital births with Kerhia and Mia having a natural home birth was extraordinary. Corey having the opportunity to catch Lyla as she was born and for us to have every second with her in the beginning was worth every bit of the pain. I won’t sugar coat it for you the laboring for 10 hours and the pain of child birth is hard but truly worth every moment. I will never forget that it was Corey who first handed Lyla to me after having her and the fact that a nurse did not rush her away. We accomplished the breast crawl within the first 30 minutes of her being with us. We spent those first moments together as a family how it was meant to be.

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