Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You don't want too miss this...

Are you thinking of making an extra income? Paying off that bill you can not stand to pay anymore, going on a vacation, redoing a room in your house? Whatever else it may be. I can help you reach that goal.

Currently, we have an amazing opportunity for you! Willow House is offering a mini kit with over $200.00 in product and all your business supplies you will need to kick off your new job for ONLY $49.00!

Starting August, we will be introducing our new fall/winter 2011 catalog! To kick off an awesome season we are offering double host rewards! That means if you decided to join my Willow House team today with an investment of $49.00 you could launch your business in August. Meaning not only would you earn commission that night but DOUBLE HOST rewards! What an amazing deal. For an example if you hosted a $1,000 business launch show you would earn $200.00 cash in your pocket, $500.00 in FREE product, a 70% off item, four 50% off items and more!!

What better time to join? There is not one!
Call or Email me today!

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