Friday, July 22, 2011

An unforgettable fear

Read this article before reading the rest of my post.


After coming across this link online about a terrible mix up in the hospital of two babies and reading other mother's comments on the facebook about it. I had the urge to write a post on it. A lot of the mother's were being rude and nasty on facebook toward these mothers’s who had a hospital birth. I have had two past hospital births. Many of the women were saying "How in the world could a mother not recognize her newborn child?!"

I will never forget the fear that I had experienced when having Kerhia. My water broke at 33 weeks and the local hospital is not equipped enough to handle a premature baby if something were to go wrong. So they shipped me out of town to Charleston. I gave over my care to God and the well-educated staff at a larger hospital. Knowing that they would keep us in great care. They decided the best route of care was to slow my labor and to let me lay there for a couple of days to get her closer to be 34 weeks gestation. I agreed and they kept me VERY drugged, is about the best way to say it. I barely even remember the in and out episodes of those days. I can honestly say I had a painless birth! When it came to time to push every doctor in the whole OB department seemed to rush in. It was a mad house, I did not know a single person, I was so tired and medicated, and people were yelling and cutting on machines. It was not a peaceful experience. I then delivered my beautiful 4lb. 6oz. Kerhia Ann. She was breathing on her own and they were able to hand her to me for a brief second before rushing her off to NICU. I was very grateful for the chance to hold her. Though it was not a calm situation while holding her for the first time because everyone and their mother was still in my room.
Then two nurses rushed to my side and took her away. I was then told the earliest I could see her is an hour. That was very shocking for me. So I had to lay in my bed not knowing what was going on, where she was or what they were doing. I felt my pride as a mother being snatched right from underneath me. Luckily, my husband , mother and mother in law were all there to make sure she taken care of. As a mother though, I was not allowed too yet. Finally, after having Corey bug the nurses they said I was able to go see her.
As I make my way down the hall and buzz into the NICU I look around stunned by all the machines, crying and babies without a mother beside their side. My biggest fear was though, I don’t even know where Kerhia is. I have no clue. She was perfectly healthy. Maybe a little smaller than most but I couldn’t stop thinking if it wasn’t for having Corey by my side and him knowing her location. I would not have at all. I was so medicated and she was swept so quickly from my arms that I couldn’t give you all the details.. How does this process make sense? Yes, Kerhia was early and could use the intervention but why is it that they have the same process with normal healthy babies? So before, you judge a mother on this article. Stop and think about it. Why are they taken from the only thing they need the most to only be sat alone in this plastic crib for people to glimpse through a window at?

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