Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lyla Elizabeth Daiana Stacy's little tricks!

Wednesday I spent the day over at my mom's house getting it cleaned and ready to be put up for sale. I was having contractions on and off all day. Eventually, they became pretty painful and I went home. I immediately called my midwife and birth assistant. They all arrived to my house around 10:45 and told me to just work with each contraction. As I continued working with them. My water broke in my living room around 11:30. A lot of water came out and my midwife estimated about 200 cc and enough a towel was needed and soaked. I just knew things were going to go fast from there.
As the night went on we decided I was not in active labor. To just go to sleep and we will work more in the morning. I rested really nice and Thursday walked, squatted and all day had leaking of my water. I just was not getting those strong contractions. We did the same thing all day Friday. I took some herbals to help and again nothing. All while this was going on we watched my vitals such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, etc and kept a close eye on Lyla's heartbeat. We both looked GREAT! I stayed very hydrated and there was no concern for infection because I did not receive any vaginal exams. There is no such thing as a "dry birth" as long as the mother stays hydrated. Home care we believe that after rupture there is no reason to risk getting an infection to check dilation. Which in the hospital setting that is the complete opposite. As Saturday rolled around we were getting close to the 72 hour mark of ruptured membranes and wanted to get some blood work and ultrasound picture taken. Due to it being a holiday weekend we were unable to get into an outpatient facility. We all made the decision to go into the hospital knowing that could mean I lost my home birth plan. I knew that safety of baby and I came over location. I was happy that I had the option to go in and get the help.
We arrive to the hospital with my birth plan and we were very welcomed by the staff. They called the doctor on call. My midwife and birth assistant stayed with me the whole time! We ordered blood work and an ultrasound. They informed me if the ultrasound showed a low fluid level below 5 I would need to be induced with the use of PIT. We received my results from the blood work first showing my white blood count was a as good as it could be, means no infections. We then received what would determine the route of care the ultrasound results. My fluid level was a 13!!! Her heart rate was great and she looked beautiful!!!
My amniotic sac had resealed itself! This is a VERY rare thing. Only about 2.6% of women experience this and most experience this a lot earlier in their pregnancy!! With all the hydrating I did her levels filled back up and she is perfectly fine!! They then sent us home because we are now again a healthy momma and baby waiting on labor to return!

Here we go again... I am a pregnant momma with a healthy little girl all cozy inside waiting till she is READY!

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  1. So SO very glad to read this, first - to clear up misconceptions well meaning people in your life might have, and second - to hear that all is well with both of you! So refreshing to hear a "hands off" approach to this situation! Way to go Alissa!